GAP Insurance

keep an eye on the unexpected.

There’s a difference between what your insurance may cover and what you still owe on your loan. If worse came to worst, you could end up having to make payments on a car that’s been stolen or totaled. Don’t get stuck in the gap. Protect yourself with GAP coverage.

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Low-Cost Coverage

GAP coverage costs just a few dollars a month – sign up when applying for an auto loan

High-Cost Protection

If your car is lost, stolen or totaled, you won’t have to continue making loan payments

Zero Hassle

No underwriting, no red tape, no hassle – roll the cost of GAP into your loan payment

$50,000 Benefits

Payment of benefits up to $50,000 on new and used cars, trucks, motorcycles, more

$100K Coverage

Coverage available for vehicles that were valued up to $100,000 at time of purchase

Deductible Coverage

Up to $1K of your auto insurance deductible is covered by GAP where allowed by law

Fully Refundable

Get a full refund if you cancel GAP coverage within the first 90 days of your loan

Up to 84 Months

GAP offers protection for the full life of your loan, for terms up to 84 months total

GAP Plus

$1K downpayment credit toward a replacement vehicle when financed by Allegacy

What others are saying

Two young women hiking take selfie portrait at mountain top
Jessica G.
member since 2009

My experience felt personal and was handled in a timely fashion.

Tourist senior couple taking a selfie
Edmond W.
member since 2013

Excellent service and great location for service and convenient ATMs.

Dad and kids take travel selfie by car
Frantz S.
member since 1998

I have been a member for over 20 years and service beats the banks hands down

Boy hugging grandmother outdoors
Deborah B.
member since 2002

There are many advantages to being an Allegacy member. Allegacy membership was recommended to me by a friend, and I will very likely “pay it forward”.

surfer on a large ocean swell with yellow helicopter hovering nearby
Ephraim H.
member from Germantown, NC

You can never over-state the importance of business support that truly makes an impact. Since the inception of FILMCOVE, Allegacy has been there every step of the way. I’m sure their positive impact will continue to be felt by us and others for many years to come. We are grateful.

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