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3 Easy Steps to Added Financial Protection

Part of caring for your family’s financial wellbeing means protecting your finances in the event of an accident, injury or unexpected medical diagnosis. Health insurance may only cover a portion of the medical bills, and, even with a minor accident, costs can add up fast if you miss work or need childcare. As an Allegacy member, you have exclusive access … Continue reading
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Managing the High Cost of Healthcare

When you consider the rising cost of healthcare, it makes sense to shop around to find the best rates, as you would with any other major purchase. You may find that despite your best efforts, it’s difficult to navigate the complexities of the ACA marketplace, employer-provided health plans, COBRA, and Medicare. When you factor in cost variables like premiums, deductibles, … Continue reading
Managing the High Cost of Healthcare

Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Staff

Cutting business spending doesn’t mean letting your talented team members go. You can cut costs, not corners, by being smarter and addressing money management in other areas. Employees may be your largest expense, but they are also your most important asset. Before you decide on workforce reduction, consider every possibility like the following alternatives: Allow employees to work remotely. Offering … Continue reading
Ways to Cut Cost Without Cutting Staff

Small Business Owners – We Thank You

According to the US Small Business Administration, a small business is defined as any business with 500 or less employees. In 2018, there were approximately 30.2 million small businesses employing 58.9 million workers. As you walk down the street of your hometown, many of the products and services you purchase are from local businesses – your local car mechanic, your … Continue reading
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Helping You and Your Employees Save Money with a Health Savings Account

Healthcare costs continue to rise and the message for 2017 is that employers expect them to increase by another 4%, and that’s after shopping for the best price and incorporating plan design changes. So what are employers doing to control costs and slow the rate health insurance premiums increase each year?  Many are implementing Consumer Driven Health Plans that can … Continue reading
Health Savings Account