Save + Spend

Mind Your Money Manners

When it comes to money, we have many choices about how to use it. We can save it for the future, spend it on something we want or need, or share it with others in need. When it comes to talking about money, many of us are reluctant to open up. It may be because we associate money with negative … Continue reading
Mind Your Money Manners

Promoting Financial Health

At Allegacy, our commitment to helping you be your best includes finding that optimal balance of physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. While everyone’s personal wellness journey will be unique, we all aspire to achieve financial stability that empowers us to live our best life today and achieve our future goals. There are many ways to define financial wellbeing. According to … Continue reading
Promoting Financial Health

Setting Goals to Pay Off Debt and Save

We will always do the right thing for your wellbeing. Helping you make smart financial choices is our priority. Now is a great time to let us assist you with setting and accomplishing new goals for paying off debt and saving money, too. Goal: Paying off debt wisely As you are preparing for your financial wellbeing, there is a light … Continue reading
Setting Goals to Pay Off Debt and Save

A checking account that pays you.

At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we believe in doing the right thing for your wellbeing and that includes making sure your checking account fits your lifestyle. Fees, fees, and more fees seem to be the basis for almost every checking account out there. Except at Allegacy. While most financial institutions are charging fees for checking, our accounts are designed to help you make … Continue reading
A checking account that pays you

The Importance of Saving Money

Saving money (or paying yourself first) is one of the best things you can do for your financial wellbeing. At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we believe in doing right for your wellbeing and that includes offering solutions to help you make the smartest financial choices for you. Why is saving so important? The answer to this question varies depending on … Continue reading
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Staying Financially Fit On the Go

At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we know that your time is precious and we want to do the right thing for your wellbeing by giving you banking options that are available when its convenient to you, no matter where you are. With online banking and our mobile app, you’ll have free access to accounts and the security of knowing that the … Continue reading
Staying Financially Fit On the Go

What is a Money Market Account?

What’s the big deal? A money market account is similar to having a savings account, but with the flexibility of a checking account. Additionally, money market accounts can earn a dividend rate that is higher than rates on savings or checking accounts because of higher minimums to open. What is a Money Market exactly? Our money market accounts provide higher-yield … Continue reading
What is a Money Market?

Stay Balanced: Avoiding Overdraft Fees

Staying balanced is essential for living a healthy life. We all know that physical activity and a well-balanced diet help your body function optimally. When it comes to our finances, we also need to ensure we maintain a healthy bottom line. On occasion, though, our expenses may temporarily outpace our bank balance. To err is human; we all have moments … Continue reading
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Be Your Financial Best

At Allegacy, we are dedicated to helping you be your best in all areas of your life. Wellbeing comes from achieving balance in physical, emotional, and financial health. Unfortunately, financial wellness still eludes many Americans today, as a recent survey revealed: 47% of respondents say their spending equals or exceeds their income 36% are unable to pay all of their … Continue reading
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No Spend January

Did your New Year’s resolutions include improving your financial wellness? Lori Timm, our Financial Education Manager, decided to try ‘no-spend’ January and this is what she learned along the way. After the overindulgence of the holidays, I started the New Year with a strong desire to change my ways. Not only did the weeks of eating unhealthy foods and getting … Continue reading
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