Protecting Family

Life Insurance: Do You Need It?

Your financial wellbeing is more than being prepared during your lifetime. At some point, you’ll probably be faced with the question of whether you need life insurance. Life insurance is a way to protect your loved ones financially after you die and your income stops. The answer to whether you need life insurance depends on your personal and financial circumstances. … Continue reading
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What’s Your Money Script

There are many thoughts about money. Money is power. A fool and his money are soon parted. A penny saved is a penny earned.  Money is the root of all evil.  Do any of these expressions ring true for you?  As it turns out, the money beliefs our families espoused while we were growing up may have a profound effect … Continue reading
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Is a Nursing Home the Only Option for Long-Term Care

As our loved ones age, we want the best for them. We want them to be comfortable, happy and safe. If you or a loved one needs long-term care, other choices besides nursing home care may be available. Here are some of the other options. Home care Most people would prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. … Continue reading
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Financial Tips for Unmarried Couples

If you are in a long-term, committed relationship, you have many of the same financial concerns as married couples. However, you lack many of the legal protections and advantages that married couples enjoy. At Allegacy, we have CFS* Financial Advisors ready to help you stay on the road to financial security. We also have some tips to help along the … Continue reading
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What Can You Do to Cut Down on Robocalls?

How many robocalls do you get in a week? These calls can be helpful if it’s an announcement from your child’s school or an appointment reminder, but these calls are often scams and you can never tell if the call is legitimate until you answer. Sadly, criminals use robocalls to collect consumers’ personal information and/or conduct various scams. Newer “spoofing” … Continue reading
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How to Freeze Your Child’s Credit

Children aren’t old enough to receive credit so why should parents put a freeze on it? Children are an easy target for identity thieves. The child’s social security number or tax identification number can be stolen from tax returns, medical forms, or school documents to name a few. Identity thieves can use that number to create a new identity that … Continue reading
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The Ins and Outs of Life Insurance Policy Ownership

Just like we want to do the right thing for your wellbeing, you want the same for your family. The way that you structure the ownership of your life insurance policy can have possible estate tax consequences for your loved ones. Without proper planning, the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy might not receive the maximum benefit you intended so … Continue reading
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How Can I Protect Myself from Digital Deception?

Imagine that you receive an email with an urgent message asking you to verify your banking information by clicking on a link. Or maybe you get an enticing text message claiming that you’ve won a free vacation to the destination of your choice — all you have to do is click on the link you were sent. In both scenarios, … Continue reading
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Why Purchase Life insurance?

We’ve all heard about the importance of having life insurance, but is it really necessary? Usually, the answer is “yes,” but it depends on your specific situation. If you have a family who relies on your income, then it is imperative to have life insurance protection. If you’re single and have no major assets to protect, then you may not … Continue reading
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