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Tech Night

Find out how we collaborate with the technology and data science firm Inmar and the community tech non-profit WinstonNet to help community members get their devices running faster, virus-free.

Helping technology help people

Community Tech Night is a no cost opportunity for residents of local neighborhoods to bring their laptops, PCs, tablets and cell phones to technology experts to help those devices run their best. These tech experts not only examine the devices, they also work with the community to better understand how the devices work so they can use them most effectively.

Anyone who has a tech issue, or who wants to understand their device better, can walk into a participating community center on Tech Night and get one-on-one support until their issue is resolved. These days, quality of life is influenced by one’s access to technology – but not everyone has the proficiency they need to make the most out of the tools they have. At Allegacy, we wanted to help expand this project’s reach, so we partnered with those who launched it: the tech firm Inmar and the community tech non-profit WinstonNet. Together, we’re working to improve technology for all.

Be involved. Support the good.

How do we express our concern for the community? By rolling up our sleeves and getting involved – not just because it feels good to give (though it does) – but because it’s the right thing to do. We will always do what’s right for your wellbeing, and for the health of our community as a whole.

Tech Night is free

Location: Participating Community Centers in the Triad

Purpose: Increase quality of life through access to technology

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