Club Savings

celebrate. you earned it.

Imagine knowing your vacation is paid for before you even pack your bags. Imagine sailing through the holidays without the credit crunch. With Club Savings, you set aside money all year without having to think about it and get a cash infusion just when you need it.

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Payroll Deposits

No effort required – save monthly for your next vacation or holiday without even trying

Vacation Savings

Once a year, on April 1st, the money will be transferred to your regular savings account

Holiday Savings

Your holiday account will transfer the money to your savings account on October 1st – just when you need it

No Temptation

One scheduled withdrawal authorized per year, no temptation to withdraw early

Low Opening Balance

Open with $10, no monthly fee – look forward to your next holiday or vacation

Digital Services

Mobile banking, text alerts, eStatements and WebBanking put all the tools in your hands

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Get your Club Savings account started today.

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Calculators to keep your savings on track

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  • Allegacy provides eStatements as a free service; however, you must sign up for eStatements to receive them.

  • On WebBanking, some restrictions may apply.

  • To use mobile banking or to get text alerts, you must first sign up for them. Allegacy does not charge a fee for these services, but your mobile carrier’s normal data rates apply.