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You’re investing in your future – we believe in that. We also understand that where college is concerned, it can be really difficult to make the numbers add up. An Allegacy Student Loan may be just what you need to make it work.

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Up to $5K a Year

Borrow up to $5K per year, with a maximum loan amount of $20,000 over five years

Wait to Start Paying

The repayment period begins immediately upon graduation, or if preferred, six months later

Ten Years to Repay

When repayment begins, your loan is converted to monthly payments for up to ten years

More info about Allegacy Student Loans

  • Both student and co-signer (if required) must be Allegacy members
  • Student must be enrolled for at least six credit hours at an accredited in-state school
  • Accrued interest and insurance premiums (if applicable) are due at the end of each plan year on July 31st
  • You may borrow up to $5 thousand per plan year up to a maximum of $20,000 over five years
  • Repayment begins at graduation, or six months after graduation
  • When repayment period begins, loan is converted to monthly payments for up to ten years
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Three generations female playing on the beach
Lodemia L.
Hamptonville, NC

It was nice to finally find someone to go above and beyond to help them.

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Ken M.
member since 2005

As always you are very helpful, courteous, and professional. You and people like you are the reason I am with Allegacy and will never go back to a bank.

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Laura G.
member from Kernersville, NC

We had heard very positive comments regarding Allegacy so we applied for membership and a vehicle loan. Selina made the whole experience seamless and enjoyable. We will certainly consider Allegacy for any future financial needs.

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David T.
member from Anaheim, CA

At 1st, I was weary of the thought an out of state bank. Brandi and your team made the process so easy. She was very responsive informative and helpful. I am very thankful i found you guys.

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  • Our Student Loan Program is a Private Student Loan; it’s not affiliated or guaranteed by the federal government. Rates, terms and products are all subject to change. You must meet all eligibility requirements to take out a loan. Loans are subject to credit approval. The rate is variable, it’s based on your credit history and profile, and it’s subject to change on August 1st of each year as long as your loan is deferred. The rate becomes fixed for the repayment term. A student loan in the amount of $10,000 for 60 months at 6.75%APR will have a monthly payment of $196.83.