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There’s no explaining a passion. And nothing stirs up passion more than a motorcycle on the open road. At Allegacy, we know that doing right isn’t limited to the needs of the moment. Sometimes, it’s about enjoying the moment for its own sake.

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60 Day Approval

Your loan approval is good for 60 days (proof of insurance and other paperwork required)

Up to 90% New

This loan covers up to 90% of new vehicle list price (not to exceed 10% over MSRP)

Up to 90% Used

It covers up to 90% of NADA loan value for highway-ready motorcycles up to six years old

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What others are saying

surfer on a large ocean swell with yellow helicopter hovering nearby
Ephraim H.
member from Germantown, NC

You can never over-state the importance of business support that truly makes an impact. Since the inception of FILMCOVE, Allegacy has been there every step of the way. I’m sure their positive impact will continue to be felt by us and others for many years to come. We are grateful.

older couple kissing and taking a selfie
Karen B.
member from Kernersville, NC

Easily answered all my questions and concerns. Very helpful and helped me know what I needed to do.

young sporty couple on bike ride
William P.
member from Winston-Salem, NC

Felt a personal connection with the Allegacy associates that I dealt with.

father and son taking a selfie photo with their beagle dog
Darrel D.
member since 2004

Great folks to guide us through the process.

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See if you qualify for a Motorcycle Loan.

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  • The interest rate for this loan is based on applicant creditworthiness.