Wellness isn’t just one part of your life. It’s the big picture. At Allegacy, we strive to help our members take control of their finances while pursuing the personal goals that mean the most. Why? Because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Financial fitness is part of a balanced life.

Allegacy CU CEO Cathey Pace sitting at her desk.

Doing right for our wellbeing and for the wellbeing of our members is why I come to work each day. Doing right is at our core. It embodies who we are, influences how we look, what we say and the way we help our members and each other be our best.

be your best you

Doing the right thing. Building wellness. Seeking balance. Making smart choices. That’s what being your best means to us.

How do you measure a healthy life? Great food, plenty of motion, a mix of work, rest and play. Financial fitness too, of course. At Allegacy, we strive for wellness of body, mind and wallet, because health is a matter of balance. It’s about creating joy and growth. That belief shows in everything we do — from the values we cultivate in our team, to the resources we offer our members.

We were able to save a member over $500 a month on his payments. Everybody said that it wouldn’t be possible. But he said ‘you were able to do that for me’. It really put a smile on my face that nobody could take away.

Your perks

  • Workout Anytime
  • Theme Parks, Food + Fun
  • TurboTax Discounts
  • Healthcare Savings
  • Sprint Discounts
  • And more!

“People helping people” is the credit union motto — and we stand by it. It’s why we created a park for those who’ve battled breast cancer. It’s why we raise funds for United Way and co-sponsor Race for the Cure. Our entire team is motivated to support the health of our community. We know, because we took time to collaborate and build buy-in on what drives us. Allegacy is a credit union that cares, and that makes all the difference.

In the end, I walked out of Allegacy knowing that I am now part of a really great credit union with exceptional employees, and I will definitely be recommending your branch to anyone I know who is looking for a good financial institution

When someone shares their wisdom with another, everyone benefits. As a credit union, Allegacy is member-owned and not-for-profit. As a result, our fees are lower than a bank’s, and the interest you earn on savings is higher. We measure success by how we serve our members. Our goal is to help you think creatively about your path and do our best to help you reach your goals.

I was specifically looking for an institution that could underwrite the loan quickly and efficiently with great terms. Literally from the first contact everything was handled with a level of professionalism that I think is hard to come by these days.

It’s the satisfaction you get after a workout. It’s loving what you do, and spending time with those you love. It’s the countless things you check off your list every day. It’s the good that you accomplish with each positive choice. At Allegacy, we aim to help our members pursue balance in every sense of the word — collapsing the distance between the person you want to become, and the person you already are.

I will highly recommend your credit union to my friends, family and clients.

How do you measure your personal best?

  • 480 cups of coffee
  • 1131 to-dos checked off
  • 621 moments of inspiration
  • 98 early morning exercise
  • 17 perfect getaways
  • 987 priceless hugs

trust us to do right.

it’s who we are. why we care. how we act.

We will always do the right thing for your wellbeing. That’s our promise. It’s the common thread that runs through everything we do here at Allegacy. Our members know we deliver on that promise by serving them, by caring, by helping them build their financial footing, supporting our entire community as we work together on those goals. Doing right isn’t a chore around here. It’s a source of fulfillment.

Let’s make our entire community healthier.
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