Digital Chat Assistant

Helping you make smart financial choices means helping you in the moment. Our digital chat assistant can answer many of your questions and help you find information on products, giving you the help and information you need to make smart financial choices.

What is Welby?

Welby is an AI-powered digital chat assistant that can answer many frequently asked questions, help you find resources on our website and more, any time. Welby offers an immediate, efficient way to get answers to your questions without needing to call Member Services or visit a Financial Center.

What can Welby do?

Simply ask Welby a question, and you’ll get an answer right back. Here are just some of the things Welby can help with:

  • Provide information on various products such as Daily Access Savings, SmartRate Checking, Auto Loans, Business Community Checking and Small Business Loans
  • Allegacy’s routing number
  • Locations and hours of operation
  • How to find the account number
  • How to apply for membership or a loan
  • How to transfer funds
  • How to activate a debit or credit card
  • How to report a debit or credit card as lost or stolen
  • How to get online statements
  • How to make a loan payment online
  • How to enable fraud text alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to assist our Members and Prospects in the quickest and most efficient ways possible. Welby is able to provide support for our most frequently asked questions that come into our Contact Us channels, plus help with product selections on the website. Welby is available to use 24/7.

Welby is able to accurately respond to many different questions and is constantly learning to answer more questions to better serve your needs. Our Allegacy staff works to add information monthly.

Welby is available for your convenience 24/7.

Welby is a complimentary service offered to enhance your experience and extend our support in new, fast digital ways.

Welby is only able to understand and respond in English currently.

Currently, Welby is supported by the following:

Operating Systems
Windows® 7 build 7601 and higher
Mac® OSX 10.12 (Sierra) and higher

Chrome™ 68 and higher
Safari® 12 and higher
Firefox™ 62 and higher
Edge™ 15.15063 and higher

Yes, Welby will have additional capabilities in the coming months as well as a dedicated team that will look at opportunities to improve and enhance Welby’s features. The types of questions and answers Welby knows will be added to this page.

We hope to use Welby in different channels in the near future.

Yes, Welby can direct you to the online membership application to become an Allegacy member

Welby can direct you to the department that your application is associated with, but cannot provide you with status updates at this time.

Yes, if Welby cannot answer your question, you will be given the option to call or chat with a Member Services representative during business hours.

If you prefer not to use Welby, you can speak to a representative during normal business hours. Visit our Contact Us page for details. You may also chat during normal business hours.