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When you pour energy into helping us be our best, we don’t take it for granted. We help you be your best too, with opportunities for personal and professional development.


At Allegacy, we hold ourselves accountable to live our brand promise in meaningful ways every day. The Healthiest Employer competition has noticed, awarding us top honors every year since 2012.


A competitive salary + benefits package inspired by Fortune 500 companies. And in 2018, Allegacy raised its minimum wage.


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What employees are saying

Joey W.
Joey W.
employee since 2005

The best part of my job is helping members find solutions to improve their overall financial wellbeing.

Williams, Michael
Michael W.
employee since 2002

The best part of my job is helping people.

Rebecca Daniels
Rebecca D.
Member Advisor & Small Business Specialist

I love working for a company that encourages a true “team” environment. Together, we work towards the common goal of helping our members live out their best lives. At Allegacy, we serve our members using tools, training, and constant support from each department, which is unmatched at any other institution that I’ve been at and I’m proud to say that I wouldn’t choose to work anywhere else.

Lori Timm
Lori T.
Financial Education Manager

Allegacy lives out its mission and values in very tangible ways. Not only does the credit union support community organizations through financial contributions and sponsorships, but it also encourages employees to give back through volunteerism. I thoroughly enjoy serving on a non-profit board and singing in my church choir. As an added bonus, we earn eight hours of paid volunteer time each year to support the causes we champion.

Treva L.
employee since 2006

We were able to save a member over $500 a month on his payments. Everybody said that it wouldn’t be possible. But he said ‘you were able to do that for me’. It really put a smile on my face that nobody could take away.

Edee Wilcox
Edee W.
Benefit Implementation Specialist

I have been with Allegacy for close to 25 years and I stay because management has always been willing to work with me. I have been full-time, part-time and full-time again. I’ve worked in the office and I’ve worked from home. I’ve always had managers who were flexible enough to help me continue to work no matter what life threw at me.

Monica W.
Monica W.
employee since 2005

The best part of my job is helping our members AND my team every day. My advice to new employees is to continue to learn and grow. Take advantage of advancement opportunities and career development.

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  • Allegacy is an Equal Opportunity Employer who does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, pregnancy, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or any other classification protected by applicable laws. Allegacy supports a diverse and drug-free workplace.