How can I delete my online and/or mobile banking accounts and access?

We are providing an option to request the removal of your Online Banking and Mobile Banking accounts and data if you no longer wish to use these tools. This will delete online and mobile account access, data, services and activity used in these tools and access to electronic documents. Your Allegacy accounts, activity and transaction history will remain active, but online and mobile accounts, access and data will be deleted and you will no longer be able to access them. This may impact items such as eStatements, BillPay, scheduled transfers, etc. previously set up. Please read the details below.

Please note that when your Online Banking and Mobile app account are deleted:

  • Your accounts will remain open and unaffected. This request is only used for deleting your online and mobile banking account access and data.
  • You will no longer be able to log into Allegacy WebBanking or Mobile app and your account data in those tools will be deleted.
  • IMPORTANT: Any activity you previously set up within online banking or our mobile app will be disabled and/or deleted. This includes text or email account alerts, automatic or scheduled Bill Pay payments and payee info, scheduled fund transfers to people or other accounts/merchants, scheduled loan payments, and the history of these transactions. If you request to delete your accounts, an Allegacy Representative will review these activities to ensure you would like to proceed.
  • This will remove your ability to log in to view past, current or future eStatements or electronic account documents.
  • If you are opted-in to receive eStatements, please note to change to paper statements when you speak to an Allegacy representative if you wish to receive them. There may be a fee to receive paper statements.

To proceed with a request to delete your online and mobile account access and data, please contact us.