Your offer has been accepted. Now what?

Homes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are home loans. At Allegacy, we begin by evaluating the big picture before offering a personal solution designed to fit your lifestyle. Once your offer has been accepted by the sellers and signed by all parties (Buyers, Sellers, and all Agents) your Loan Officer will need the fully executed Purchase Agreement as quickly as possible so that the process can begin.

Here are some of the items each applicant will be asked to provide to Allegacy:

  • You must be a member
  • Funds to cover the appraisal fee
  • Driver’s license and social security cards
  • Most recent pay stubs (covering at least one month of pay)
  • Two years proof of income
    • If employed, last two year’s W-2 statements
    • If self-employed, last two year’s tax returns with all schedules
    • If disability income, last two months of statements showing deposit
  • Last two month’s bank statements for any deposit/loan accounts not at Allegacy
  • Most recent 401(K) statement
  • Written explanation for any adverse credit
  • If home is in a community with restrictive covenants or by-laws, we will need a copy as well as contact information for the Home Owner’s Association
  • If separated or divorced, a recorded copy of your separation/divorce settlement