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By taking advantage of our online payroll and HR solutions, you can save time, control access to your data and make payroll easier on your business.

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Tracking and reporting for your employees’ most important info


Employee self-service gives your team access to their records

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More on Online Data Access

The WebClient offers a remote entry capability. It lets you communicate with us from any web browser, while all client data remains securely stored on our servers.

Our HRIS Module lets you evaluate your team members’ performance reviews, benefits, skills, injuries and more. It shares a common database with the payroll system – no duplicate entry, no customized imports. It also has an integrated report writer, which makes it easy for your HR department to comply with internal and external reporting requirements – an extremely powerful HR management tool.

With employee self-service, your team can access their personal data, pay information, W-2 forms and time-off balances online. You provide them access to the web-based portal; they view and print information on their own. With a paperless payroll, you can minimize employee inquiries, give them the information they need, and ease the burden of distributing payroll vouchers to your workforce.

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