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Allegacy’s HealthLink

low-cost cancer + accident supplemental insurance

Medical bills are reported to be the number one cause of U.S. bankruptcies.*

As an Allegacy member, you can apply for cancer and accident supplemental insurance at rates normally available only through an employer. These plans include important benefits paid directly to the insured person to help with costs not covered by health plans. These benefits can help cover surprise expenses and out-of-pocket medical costs that often come with an unexpected accident or cancer diagnosis.

In addition, as an insured person you can get reimbursed with payments for your preventative wellness visits each year — being rewarded for taking care of your ongoing physical health with $100 for each, such as dental, vision + your annual check-up. These funds cover the majority of the policy cost per year. It’s a win for your current and future self.

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Allegacy's HealthLink Pricing + Plans

Even with a minor accident, costs can add up fast if you miss work, need childcare, or have a large health plan deductible. With a Kemper Health Accident Indemnity insurance policy, you can rest assured that you have an added level of financial protection in place.

How it Works

  1. Enroll in the plan.
  2. When an accident occurs—whether minor or major—the plan will pay a lump-sum benefit based on the type of injury incurred.
  3. If you receive treatment, the insurance plan will continue to pay benefits for services like: Visit to the emergency room, visit to a physician’s office or Urgent Care, hospital admission, ambulance or air/ground transportation.

A Kemper Health Cancer insurance plan gives you an extra layer of financial security during these tough times—providing cash benefits to help keep the bills paid and protect your savings.

How it Works

  1. The plan pays a one-time, lump-sum first cancer diagnosis benefit.
  2. As treatment begins, the plan pays additional benefits including: radiation/chemotherapy/immunotherapy, new or experimental treatment, second and third surgical opinions, drugs and medicines, lodging and transportation — and more.

Allegacy’s HealthLink, powered by Kemper: Accident + Cancer plan rates, combined for both plans. Contact us for more options including member and spouse or member and children only.

Annual Wellness Benefit-$300-$700.00
*Net Annual Cost$128.64$318.80

Rates include a $5.00 per month administrative/billing fee.

*Net annual cost assumes each covered person files the available wellness benefits.

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View and download a full brochure on Allegacy’s HealthLink, powered by Kemper Health. Get details on policy features and benefits specially prepared for Allegacy Members.

“When my daughter fell and fractured her arm, our provider bills were over $1,500. With the accident insurance policy, I easily submitted the claim and had a check in my mailbox for $3,000 in 10 days! The great thing about these policies through Allegacy’s HealthLink is that it pays based on your situation, not just what the provider charges.” - Allegacy Member, Austin

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