Heart Container Complete Heart Bubbles Bubbles
Lightbulb - off Lightbulb - off Left Coil - off Right Coil - off
Dial Arrow rak_dial_container
Dial 1 Dial 2 Dial 3
Machine Core
Connector 1 Connector 2 Connector 3 Connector 4
Dot small Dot medium Dot large

Donate toys to your favorite charityDonate food to your local food pantryGive a compliment to a friendHold the door open for someoneTeach someone something new Do a 5K for a good causeHelp an elderly person carry their groceriesWalk a neighbor’s dogPlant a treeHelp someone cross the streetHold the elevator for someonePay for someone’s dry cleaningOffer to take a shopper’s cart Write chalk messages on the sidewalk Bring your neighbor’s garbage can up for them Make a card for a soldierTake coffee to your teacherLet someone go ahead of you in linePick up litterMake cookies for a neighborTape change to a vending machineTell silly jokes to make someone laughCall a far away friend or relative to say helloTake supplies to the animal shelterDo a chore for someone in your familyTake treats to the fire station or police station Feed the birdsPay for a stranger's coffeeLeave a happy note for someone to findPass out stickers to kids in lineGive treats to the mail carrierSmile at everyone you see todayTell someone why you love him or herLeave a note in a library bookCollect socks for a homeless shelterDraw a picture for the nursing homeBuy flowers to hand out on the streetServe at a homeless shelterLeave letters of encouragement on people’s carsBuy a movie ticket for the person behind youPay for someone’s meal at a restaurantParticipate in a fundraiserDo a favor without asking for anything in returnWater a neighbor’s flowersRead to kids at the library for story timeLeave your waiter a generous tipPack someone a lunch for the dayHelp someone who has a flat tireTake the day to not complainWrite a list of things you adore about a friendSend coloring books to sick kids in the hospitalTake the time to listen to someoneGive your umbrella to a strangerBuy groceries for the person behind youSmile and say “hi” to five people you don’t knowDonate books to the libraryDonate school supplies to a local schoolSend flowers to a hospitalVisit a nursing homeVisit an animal shelterTell a manager how good your service wasDonate new pajamas for foster kidsWrite a list of things you adore about a friendGive a lottery ticket to a strangerLeave kindness stones at the parkDecorate tissue boxes and hand sanitizer for nursing stationsMake a get well card for someone


Random Acts of Kindness Generator

Our intention is to help our members walk the walk, or, run the run! We have created a ‘Random Acts of Kindness Generator’ to inspire our members to take extra steps towards impacting the lives of others in our community.
It’s fun, give it a try!

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