Business Health Savings Account (HSA)

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A smart, tax-deferred savings strategy

As an employer, it’s up to you to provide your employees with the options they need to care for their health, both now and down the road. So, give them a smart way to plan, save and pay for medical expenses.

Why choose an HSA?

As an employer, you can offer Allegacy HSAs to your employees. However, each employee must inquire about opening an HSA for themselves. Once they open their Allegacy HSA, they would provide you with their account information so you could set up the direct deposit. From there, the employee would be responsible to monitor their own account. To find out, contact Allegacy Benefit Solutions at 336.765.2101.

Tax-Free Savings

HSA savings are not taxed now or later, if they’re spent on qualified medical expenses

Payroll Deposits

The easiest way to provide for future medical expenses is effortless, automated saving

Debit Card Access

Access funds from your Health Savings Account via your debit card (checks not provided)

Digital Services

Mobile banking, text alerts, eStatements and WebBanking put all the tools in your hands

What others are saying ...

The ease of using the app and the convenience of the service is excellent.

— Clemmons, NC

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