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It’s our most popular account for a reason. SmartRate Checking offers above-market rates, refunds on ATM fees, no monthly fee and no minimum balance. Earn your highest dividends, pay your lowest fees and focus more on what matters in your day.

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Premium Dividends¹

Earn dividends at above-market rates when you meet 3 simple requirements (see below)

Fewer Fees

ATM fees refunded² up to $25 per cycle, no monthly fee, no minimum balance required

Overdraft Protection

Not enough money in your account? We can transfer from your savings or line of credit

Faster Deposits

No delays or hold times on direct deposits; applies to most payroll check deposits too³

Digital Services

Mobile banking, text alerts, eStatements and WebBanking put all the tools in your hands

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More info on SmartRate Checking

SmartRate Checking is a high-yield account that pays above-market rates when you meet all of the SmartRate Checking requirements.

Earn higher dividends

All SmartRate Checking account-holders earn the base dividend of 0.05%. If you meet the following requirements, you’ll earn the premium dividend of 0.50% APY.¹

  • Sign up for eStatements
  • Make at least ten check card transactions per cycle, online or in-person
  • Set up at least one direct deposit (or ACH debit) per cycle
See SmartRate Checking deposit rate schedule. ¹APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Higher dividend rate based on meeting all SmartRate Checking requirements. Requirements include: eStatements, ten check card transactions and direct deposit (or ACH debit) per cycle. 0.50% APY is a variable rate and is effective as of 4/18/19. Balances of $25,000 or more earns a variable rate of 0.10% APY. Fees could reduce the earnings on the account. ²ATM fees will be refunded up to $25 per month, only if all SmartRate Checking eligibility requirements are met. All rates, terms and products are subject to change without notice.

A cycle is roughly one month. It runs from the last business day of the previous month, to the second-to-last business day of the current month.

Note, check card purchases are recorded on the day the retailer completes the transaction – not necessarily the day you made the purchase. It’s possible to buy something near the end of one cycle and have it count toward the next.

Similarly, direct deposits are recorded only once they finish processing. To make sure your direct deposit fulfills your cycle requirement, ask your payroll department for the end-of-month processing date.

Date Cycle BeginsDate Cycle Ends

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  • Faster Deposits: Some restrictions may apply.

  • See SmartRate Checking deposit rate schedule.

  • Allegacy provides eStatements as a free service; however, you must sign up for eStatements to receive them.

  • On WebBanking, some restrictions may apply.

  • To use Mobile Banking or to get text alerts, you must first sign up for them. Allegacy does not charge a fee for these services; however, your mobile carrier’s normal data rates apply.

  • All checking accounts require a $50.00 opening balance.