Make a mobile check deposit

Use the Allegacy Mobile App to deposit checks into your account faster than visiting a Financial Center. Deposit up to $5,000.00 per day per member. Higher daily limits are available upon relationship review. This technology is protected by your secure log-in.

If you have cash to deposit, ATMs and ITMs are a great resource. (They’ll take your checks, too!) Visit one of our locations with an Interactive Teller Machine in the Drive-Thru. And in the case of ITMs, you don’t need to have your Allegacy Debit Card on hand. Just have an ID ready and tap the on-screen “Help” button to work with a Member Service Representative during normal business hours. ITMs are available for non-teller assisted transactions 24/7 and you can get an image of the deposited check printed on your receipt!


Know Before You Go

  • To prevent fraud, funds are not available immediately for withdrawal.
  • Deposit cash in stacks of no more than 20 bills. Coins are not accepted at ATMs or ITMs.
  • Drive-Thru ITMs take both cash + checks in one deposit transaction. So you can stack your cash + checks all together, put them in the machine and it will sort and add the total of the deposit for you.

Deposit checks with your smartphone camera in just a few clicks:

  • Get the App for free in your favorite app store.
  • Log in with your WebBanking credentials and tap “Deposit Check” from the bottom menu.
  • Choose the account for the deposit + enter the amount of the check.
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the check, then confirm!