Make a payment on an Allegacy Loan or Line of Credit

Use WebBanking to make a payment on Allegacy Loans:

  1. Sign up for WebBanking by clicking New User in the Login drop-down at
  2. To make a payment from an Allegacy account, click the Pay button on your loan account in My Accounts. You can also schedule recurring payments.
  3. You can also select “Pay to Principal” in the pay menu, which allows you to make a principal-only payment to a loan. This option is available on all loan types.
  4. To make a payment from an external account, choose Move Money, then Loan Payment. Choose Manage External Accounts and add your external routing and account number for free. You may choose to pay with a non-Allegacy debit card for a $5 convenience fee.

Use WebBanking to make a payment on an Allegacy Line of Credit:

  1. Click the Pay button and select your payment options from the drop-down menu.
  2. To pay a line of credit to a zero balance but leave it open, there is an option labeled ‘Pay in full without closing’. Please note the ‘Pay in full without closing’ option is only available for line of credit products.

Did you know you can also pay a loan at an Interactive Teller Machine?

  1. Visit one of our Interactive Teller Machines in the Drive-Thru.
  2. Look for the lane with a red canopy. That’s the ITM!
  3. Have an ID ready and select “Help” to work with a Member Service Representative during normal business hours.

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