Get Noticed! 6 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Get Noticed! 6 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

With many aspects of the job search being electronic, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. We believe that to be your best in the job market, you need to stand out. We talked to one of our recruiters, Stephanie Monson, and asked her what things stand out to her to move an application into the yes or no stack.

1)  Make sure your qualifications meet the minimum requirements listed in a job posting. (For example, if you apply for a job that requires 7 years of specific experience and you only have 1 year…you probably won’t get a callback.)

2)  Make sure your objective is clear and to the point and outlines your career goals. Your reader wants to understand why you are applying for the opening. If you, as an applicant, are confused about why you are applying, then your reader will be confused as well. Your objective should change with each new post or application. For example, don’t use a resume stating that you are interested in marketing opportunities in Charlotte, Raleigh, or Durham if you are applying for a Loan Interviewer position in Winston-Salem. It makes you appear on paper as if those are the only opportunities you are interested in and you are trying to relocate to those cities only.

3)  If your resume is requested during the application process, don’t type “please see resume.” If you use this phrase during this step then it appears as if you can’t follow directions. If your resume is needed, upload it.

4)  Your resume is the way into a company for an interview. On average, the Recruiter or Hiring Manager will only scan a resume for 30 seconds the first time they see it. This 30 seconds could put you in the no stack or the yes stack. They are quickly reading over the Objective statement, your previous or current position (the first job listed) and looking to see if the resume meets the minimum requirements. At the point of a face-to-face interview, then they are reading your resume in detail so you need to be completely comfortable with what it says about you.

5)  Use a company’s buzz words in your resume if possible. The best way to incorporate some of these words is to review the job description. Only use these words if applicable and do not over use.

6)  Proofread! Make sure your application and resume are free from grammar or spelling mistakes.
We want to help your best shine through in your job search. We know that when you have challenging work and opportunities for growth, good things happen for everyone. If your search includes Allegacy, be sure to check our available opportunities frequently. We wish you the best as you embark on your new career!

If you’d like to begin your career with us, check out our openings!

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