Don’t Click That Link!

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Scammers are always looking for ways to trick you into giving them your information and your money. One of those ways is to impersonate legitimate organizations through emails and have you click a link that looks like their website.

The IRS recently issued a warning about a new email scam that impersonates the IRS. If the unsuspecting victim clicks the link, malware is installed on their computer that could allow keystroke tracking, eventually giving the scammers access to passwords and financial accounts.

Please remember that the IRS never initiates contact via email, text messages or social media. If you receive a phone call from the agency, it will not be to demand immediate payment or ask for sensitive information.

The first line of defense is prevention – don’t click links in an unsolicited email and be sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date. If you feel you have been affected by this latest threat, contact technical support for your device for assistance in removing the malware and use another device to change all of the passwords you may have entered while the device was infected.

If you believe that your Allegacy accounts have been involved in an IRS scam, be sure to call our Contact Center at 336.774.3400 or stop by any financial center so we can help you protect your accounts.




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