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Digital natives have a very different approach to banking basics. Are you one of them? Maybe this sounds familiar: You rarely step foot inside a bank branch—if ever. You prefer mobile and automated banking transactions, use digital tools to stay in control of your finances, and consider paper statements to be an environmental nightmare.

Allegacy’s Digital Best Checking account is a fully digital (or as we like to call it “checkless checking”) account. If you’re a digital native searching for a financial organization that truly gets your always-on, mobile-first lifestyle, here are a few reasons why Allegacy and our Digital Best Checking might be a perfect fit for you.

It’s everything you want. And nothing you don’t.

Paper is passé. Digital Best Checking offers all the benefits and services you want out of a checking account without making you store a bunch of paper checks you’ll never use. Instead, you’ll have an Allegacy Visa® Check Card that you can use to make purchases and withdrawals. Whether in-person or online, it’s a fast, easy and secure way to pay.

It helps you be smart with your money.

Knowledge is power. In addition to a low monthly service fee of $4.95 —which is waived when you sign up for direct deposit—Digital Best Checking helps you track spending, refine budgeting and make smart financial choices. An array of free digital banking services, including WebBanking™, text alerts and notifications, visual budgeting tools, and eStatements, put real-time account info in your hands to help you know exactly where your money goes and to watch how it grows.

It keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether indulging your wanderlust or traveling for work, Allegacy’s mobile banking app lets you deposit checks, pay bills, pay your friends, manage accounts, and more. When you do need real, old-fashioned cash or simply have a transaction that’s a bit more complicated, visit one of our convenient ATMs or Drive-Thru Interactive Teller Machines for fast cash or contactless help via video conference with one of our Member Service Representatives.

It’s digital from Day One.

It wouldn’t be much of a digital account if you had to visit a Financial Center to get started, would it? To open your Digital Best Checking account, simply login to WebBanking or visit us online to become a member and start living your best, fully digital life today.

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