Setting Goals to Pay Off Debt and Save

Setting Goals to Pay Off Debt and Save

We will always do the right thing for your wellbeing. Helping you make smart financial choices is our priority. Now is a great time to let us assist you with setting and accomplishing new goals for paying off debt and saving money, too.

Goal: Paying off debt wisely

As you are preparing for your financial wellbeing, there is a light at the end of your debt tunnel. Let us help you find it. With a Consolidation Loan from Allegacy, you won’t have to worry about the rate changing. It will never go up, even if the Prime Rate moves. And unlike most credit cards, we’ll never increase your rate if your monthly payment is a few days late. Our fixed installment loan offers a borrower a higher level of consistency and predictability within their monthly budget. Our Debt Consolidation Loan can give you up to $25,000 for a maximum of 7 years with interest as low as 6.99%*. No fees are involved, your home is not used as collateral, and we’ll run the numbers with you to be sure that it’s in your best interest.

A few questions to consider when considering a consolidation loan:
  • 1. Will it pay off all your debts?
  • 2. Will it take longer to pay off now?
  • 3. Are there fees involved?
Find out more about our Consolidation Loan.

Goal: Earn money on savings you can access

Money market accounts make it easy to store money you want to hold on to for future use or in case of an emergency. And, they provide higher-yield dividends as you save more, and you can access your money, up to six transactions per month*. This flexibility allows you access to your money while keeping it growing and safe. Our money market accounts are not investment accounts and have nothing to do with the stock market. Your funds are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), just like any of our savings accounts.
Benefits of an Allegacy Money Market Account
  • Open and fund easily online.
  • Open and add funds with money from one of your other financial accounts, a debit card, or transfer funds from one of your Allegacy accounts.
  • Access your money to spend by checks or WebBanking transfers, up to six withdrawals per month*.
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At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we focus on your personal and financial wellbeing. It’s why we’re always working to make your life easier by finding new solutions to help you manage your money and accomplish your goals. Let us help you make this a great year! If you would like to speak with an Allegacy Representative in more detail about these or other products and services, feel free to schedule an appointment as well.