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Financial Health + Wellbeing

Financial health, it makes cents.

Let Allegacy help you along your financial wellness journey with Enrich, an interactive financial education tool. Mobile and tablet enabled, Enrich delivers dynamic content and lessons on a range of personal finance topics that enhance your financial wellbeing.

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  • Complete your Financial Wellness Checkup for a personalized learning plan
  • Enter the $1000 Monthly Challenge to learn more + possibly win a prize

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It’s never too early to teach your kids how to save.

The simple lessons you teach today will give your kids a solid foundation for making a lifetime of smart financial decisions. Lessons like how to save and when to spend; the importance of money as a tool to becoming your best. And open a Beginners Best Kids Savings Account today to put those lessons in motion! Download activities to enjoy with your kids »

Set your own 12-week savings challenge.

A lot can happen in 12 weeks. Challenge yourself by choosing one of three savings plans. If you stick with it, you’ll be able to sock away a healthy total! Download an overview with resources you can customize »

Set your own 8-week debt freedom challenge.

Take a mindful approach toward addressing your debt situation once and for all. To participate in the challenge, simply following these three easy steps:

  1. Download the Debt Freedom Challenge Spreadsheet to quantify your debt, determine a timeline, and develop your repayment strategy
  2. Download the Debt Freedom Challenge Action Plan to move ideas into action plus track and celebrate your weekly progress
  3. Read and absorb Keeping Debt Manageable for the tips, tools, and encouragement you need to be successful

At Allegacy Federal Credit Union, we are focused on promoting financial health within our membership, staff and community. Knowing that time is always in short supply and banking often takes a back seat to living, we invite you to browse the content below – which is loaded with on-demand financial tips and resources.

Find a Budget
That Fits

Having a budget puts you in the driver’s seat to make choices that can lead to financial health.

How to Manage
Financial Stress

Understanding the relationship between financial and physical wellness can help you improve both areas of your life.

Credit Score 101

Your credit score impacts all areas of your life from credit limits to whether you’re extended a job offer or an apartment rental.

5 Metrics that Matter

Keeping tabs on the financial health metrics that matter can help you make smarter choices about how you manage your money.

6 Tips to Prevent
Identity Fraud

Some proactive steps you can take to help minimize the risk of having your identity stolen.

Why We Overspend

Understanding how and why we overspend is an important first step to greater financial health.

Take control of your finances

Looking for more ways to enhance your financial health? Take advantage of our free video courses!

Credit Cards

Knowing your interest rates and how to leverage them and making smart choices about debit + credit cards.

Credit Score

Micro-course on how your Credit Score is calculated and strategies for improving it.


Different budgeting strategies and tools.

For tips + advice on how you can make smart financial choices, read the latest issue of our Sharelines newsletter or spend time browsing through our archives.

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Take this self-assessment to identify your financial health score in the areas of spend, save, borrow, and plan. Download the FinHealth Survey and then schedule an appointment to review the results of your survey and explore specific strategies for improving your financial health.