Be prepared. Plan for a winter windfall.

Be prepared. Plan for a winter windfall.

Holiday presents can be a lot like snow shovels – most people put off buying them until the last minute then pay more than they normally would to get them.

This year, Americans will spend an average of $831 on the holidays. Many of those purchases will be put on some sort of credit card. Which means, including interest, all those tidings of comfort and joy eventually cost even more.

The Holiday Club is one of the smartest benefits Allegacy members can take advantage of. It’s an automatic savings plan that lets you put money away throughout the year. Then, at the start of the holiday season (around October 1), your money comes back to you with dividends. It’s like a winter windfall. What’s great is you can now pay cash when you want to. You can more easily manage your holiday budget. And you won’t have to worry about a huge credit card bill come January.

Learn more or open your Allegacy Holiday Club account today. It’s one smart financial choice you’ll be glad you made.

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